Children are curious and use their senses to explore their environment. Their hands-on experience with our science activities, helps kids makes sense of the world. In order to learn they need to touch, smell, look at, listen to, and taste.


Holidays are a magical time for children and we love to capture just a little of that magic in preschool!


Good nutrition affects how a child feels and behaves throughout the day, and healthy eating patterns will continue as the child grows. Cooking with children increases their interest in nutrition and encourages them to try new things.

Field Trips

Field trips submerge children into the environment of the curriculum. Active learning opportunities abound when a child is surrounded by the topic of discussion and explores the world extending an abstract concept into tangible reality.

Music & Movement

Music can be used in many ways to complement and expand the curriculum. It can assist in language skills, as well as motor skills development. Music provides opportunities for social interaction, reinforces math, science, and adds pleasure to the day!